Malaysia Travel Top 5

I half-heartedly apologize for all the sunset photos in this post. But really, Malaysia had the best sunsets I’ve ever seen (tell me you’ve seen better), which leads me to…

The five best things about Malaysia:

1. The sunsets

From pastels to neons, the sunsets were unforgettable.

2. Blue – it’s my favorite color

With pristine waters and the clearest blue ocean,  it starts and ends with the sea. But in between is this lovely little place known as The Blue Mansion, or the Cheong Fat Tze mansion, an 1800s UNESCO Conservation & Heritage Award-winning Chinese courtyard-style mansion that’s now a quaint boutique hotel in George Town, Penang. Even if you can’t stay, it’s worth hopping on one of the daily tours.

3. The street art

It’s all over George Town!

4. The food

With immigrants from China and India, you can find both kinds of food in Malaysia. But the best food is found on the street or in hawker centers, open-air complex with food stalls


Laksa – spicy noodle soup with fish balls

5. It’s under discovered

While Malaysia has a thriving tourism industry and plenty of Malaysia caters to its tourists, I was impressed by the empty beaches, noticable lack of crowds, and the warmth and hospitality of Malaysians I met.

The photos above are just a select few from my time in Malaysia. To see more, click here.


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